Mom's first backpacking trip

Stacy and I took Deborah on her first backpacking trip. Three miles out to Snow Lake. 33 photos
August 5, 2018
Trail head
Heading up
Mom in front of the first decent views
Stacy on the trail
Some great trail work
Adam and Deborah
Looking down the valley
Snow Lake
Mountain flowers
Snow Lake
Lucky was hot
Stacy washing her hands and legs in a stream
Deborah trying out a hammock
Deborah enjoying our camp
Stacy and Deborah at camp
Lucky loves his sleeping bag
Sleepy dog
Stars at Snow Lake
Stars at Snow Lake
Stars at Snow Lake
Hot tea at midnight
Light on the horizon
Hammock at the end of the world
Mountains and Stars
Snow Lake
Lucky ready to go
Our breakfast table
Leaving camp
Stacy on the way out
Mountain flowers
Dog is tired